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Mission and Vision

Al-Hawash Private University (HPU) is now in the process of construction a complete hospital complex that will provide Wadi Al Nasara region with the population of over 300 000, as well as neighboring areas, with cutting-edge clinical services, medical research and comprehensive training programs for students, staff and local residents.

The hospital is located in the heart of Syria - the country that has been suffering from the protracted social unrest and financial crisis since 2011. Such an extremely hard situation has led to the destruction of many hospitals and forced many physicians and health professionals to leave the country. Moreover, it has caused the outbreak of illnesses and resulted in thousands of injured people who need health care.

Since its inception, HPU has been contributing to the development of the local community and the Syrian society as a whole. Therefore, the implementation of this medical project, especially during the crisis that hit Syria in the recent years, is HPU’s aspiration. The project's main goal is to establish a modern non-profit medical institution that answers all the increasing medical needs in the area.

We aim to:

- provide high-quality and efficient health care services and medical support to the sick, alongside those who were injured during the war in Syria,
- educate and train qualified and competent health professionals to compensate for the medical specialists who were forced to leave the country due to the severe crisis;
- offer free medical services for poor people, regardless of their religious, racial or regional backgrounds;
- offer job opportunities for hundreds of the Syrian families.